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Water as a Fuel Source? Why Not!
It's commonly believed that a water powered car that runs on ordinary water which would involve some sort of process to fuel its water engine and produce motion is only a science fiction thing.

Some would say it's the same idea of the steam engine where the steam pressure is used to move a piston or turbine turning the engine, but actually, this sort of engines only uses water to carry the energy from fire or another heat source and convert it to a form which can be used to that piston or turn that turbine.

Some other people would say it's like the hydrogen car, but that's not really 100% accurate, though it uses almost the same elements. In a hydrogen car, energy from a power plant would be used to generate hydrogen from water through electrolysis and at this point it's possible to burn the hydrogen directly in the car's engine or merge it with oxygen to create water again in a fuel cell along with electric power which can be used to power an electric engine moving the car forward.

But in the end, the car is still receiving its power from a power plant which uses hydrogen as an energy carrier. We should also note that it's different from the hydrogen fuel injection system which basically adds a small amount of hydrogen into the fuel air mix to enhance the burning process and it's currently being sold by many people for both gasoline and diesel engines alike.

On the other hand, the water powered car would generate energy from the water fuel itself without any other energy input to support it, hence it's name "Water Fuel".

A Water Powered Car is simply a car run on water fuel that in reality is nothing of new. Especially since it have already made it to the history books, newspapers and science magazines as well as being one of the urban legends as early as the 1800s.

David Mamet's "The Water Engine" is a play about an water engine running on water fuel that was suppressed by big oil companies and auto markets to prevent them from losing their profit. It's also said that the water car is merely a way to suck money from investors who would believe in the technology.

After all, water is made of one part hydrogen and two parts oxygen. The oxygen part is just like the air that we all breathe. While the Hydrogen part is the same chemical element that Jet fuel is made from. Therefore, strictly speaking, all we need to do is take the oxygen part away and use the hydrogen parts which consist of tremendous amounts of energy.

We've been always taught that using water as a fuel to power a water car is impossible and engineers, scientists and professors might even thing you are crazy since some laws of physics made centuries ago state that its not practical. Laws of Physics were made by just common people to better explain the environment around them, however it is also important to note that such laws are not always correct in all cases. 

But the truth is, water powered cars that use hydrogen-oxygen mix are a reality, in fact, the first internal combustion engine (ICE) ran on hydrogen from water. And guess what, BMW already developed such technology, Honda is working on making them too and Japan approved it.

Many patents and inventions have been bought but their projects ended up shelved. Some other inventors disappear because they don't do anything to sell out their work. Strangely enough but still true, it happened in Major countries; the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and even India.

We reached the point where it's urgent to find an alternative fuel and energy sources such as the water fuel and all we get is some politics talking about a distant future when we can drive cars run on water but what actually takes place is a big war for oil and the water car technology being shadowed at all costs.

In a matter of fact, there are four stages in the way scientists behave when thinking of a way to develop anything revolutionary.
1- "It's non-sense"
2- "It's not important"
3- "I always said it was a good idea"
4- "I thought of it first"

Let's imagine if all ICE motors started using water fuel as a source of oxygen and hydrogen to get the car moving, We would no longer be in need for gas stations, petrol excavation, oil tankers, refineries or war. The only problem is that the major oil corporations would go under but the smog would finally leave this planet for good, the Ozone layer would be healed again, the global warming and greenhouse effects would be a thing of the past.

We've spent years gathering as much information as possible to make this website on water car, also known as the water engine. For those who ask why, because water powered cars is the healer of this planet. We aiming to inform everyone that alternative fuel sources are already here, but for some reason it's not being used. We won't have to go to gas stations anymore if only for once we start thinking what is best for the world and not what's best for just our own pockets.

The Governments future views is about hydrogen filling stations where you drive in to fill the car's tank with pressurized hydrogen - which is actually more dangerous than propane - for $10 per gallon. But we can make our own hydrogen easily, if you own a well, river or a lake on your property then your water would be free. You can even turn to the bottled water. Thus the oil whole industry would fall and that's why they are trying hard to keep us from knowing about new fuel alternatives such as the water fuel.

Inventors of such water cars tend to disappear get sick or die in strange circumstances. A guy named Bill made a replica of a Joe Cell in his Ford truck and he said that it worked very nicely, until two men came and threatened him to stop his free energy project if he wants to keep his grandchildren alive. So helplessly, his project came to a halt.

Some would ask, "Since Hydrogen boosters are that good, how come we can't buy one from AutoZone?" well the answer is, the government won't let you mass produce it; they'd say they need to make sure it's safe and that would require years of research. But you can make one yourself or buy a kit for the car and this way your safety is your responsibility and no one can stop you from having your own water powered car.


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