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Stanley Meyer
Who is Stanley Meyer?
Stanley Meyer was an entrepreneur who claimed to have created a limitless energy system in which water was broken down into hydrogen and oxygen, and then the two molecules were burned to produce fuel, which produced more energy than it took to break them down. He claimed that the water fuel cell could reuse the water that the combustion created, and it could repeat the process, but by doing so, it would go against the first law of thermodynamics, which is that the amount of energy used is equal to the amount of energy released by a device such as an engine.

How was it built?
The fuel cell uses steel plates to be the capacitor, and uses pure water as the energy source. A current then passes through the water, causing it to break apart, but being different from electrolysis, this cell sends a staircase of pulses at about 42khz.
It is not a real fuel cell though, for it is actually an electrolytic cell, because it uses water and not waters base elements to produce its final product.

What if we put it in a car?
Meyer has a video of the fuel cell powering a car called “It Runs on Water”. He showed a dune buggy working by having a fine mist of water injected into the engine and the water was then electrified and combusted. The resulting combustion allowed for the base molecules to be turned back into water, and the process could be performed again. Meyer claimed that only 22 gallons of water had to be used to cross the country, even when he demonstrated the vehicle for the Action 6 news, though none of his experiments have been verified.

Well, the investors figured out that it wasn’t working and sued Stanley for the money that they had given him. Meyer claimed that the invention could “open "the way for a car which would 'run on water', powered simply by a car battery," while he was in court.  He also claimed that the engine would never have to be refueled and that it could run perpetually, for the energy needed could be recharged within the cars own electrical system. During the course of trial, Meyer was due to have his car examined by Michael Laughton, a professor of electrical engineering, but he gave an excuse as to why it should not be examined. The water fuel cell was examined by three different witnesses, and due to their conclusion that it was nothing spectacular, he lost his court case and was charged with “gross and egregious fraud”. Meyer had to pay 25,000 dollars back to the investors.

Stanley died in March of 1998. Meyer suffered from high blood pressure, and the autopsy specialist in Franklin County listed the cause of death to be an aneurism in his brain. After eating at a restaurant, it is possible for him to have died like this, but there are still speculations that he was poisoned by the lager car corporations, or even by the government because his technology would have cost them money. The plans can still be found online, but nobody has been able to use them to create a fuel cell.

The water fuel cell, as described in Meyer's patents.

The circuit used to drive the water fuel cell, as described in Meyer's patents.

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