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On the 21st of March of the year 1998, Stanley A. Meyer, the remarkable inventor from Ohio whose technology allowed the generation of a rich oxygen-hydrogen mixture from regular tap water with a very small energy input passed away in a rather suspicious way. He was dinning at a restaurant in Ohio when he – according to witnesses – jumped in panic and screamed that he had been poisoned, then he dropped dead while we was running to his car in the parking lot. It was also reported by some of his associates that he secured funds for a research center near Grove City reaching $50 million, but there were no hard evidence to either verify or reject these clams back then. The story of Stanley A. Meyer is too confusing and would need to be covered in more details in later issues.

In his last years, he gained world wide attention and attracted people who invested in his work. He was also famous for his water fueled care which was mentioned – symbolically – in one of the documentaries of 1994 about cold fusion called “Too close to the sun”, produced by the BBC and CBC.

Among these who supported him from the beginning were the late Christopher Tinsley of the UK, and the late Admiral of the British Navy, Sir Anthony Griffin, but who became frustrated by being unable -  or shall I say “not allowed” - to acknowledge Meyer's claims and ultimately rejected it.

I’m totally convinced now that Meyer was the victim of his own work! If he did discover what he claimed, I think it should have been spread world wide now by any rational marketing company or agency and became filthy rich, influenced man in the process.

I also began to have doubts that there was really such process, even though tests took place in front of eye witnesses and was granted a patent for it. He was always refusing to measure the performance of his process, even when offering an agreement not to let anyone know the content of his device other than the electrodes. His last refusal was actually recorded on tape at the ANE meeting in Denver back in 1997. His excuse was that he’d lose his patent if he released any information about his process before it’s completed and integrated, ready for mass production.

Meyer was also accused by a former associate of “egregious fraud" and even lost the case in the Ohio civil court in 1996. He believed he lost it and other claimed assaults due to several conspiracies. He also stated in front of the media that he was offered huge amounts of money to keep his technology in the dark, but he turned it down. Which would indicate that he did came up with some important innovations but strangely kept it to himself till he died.

Water has many other qualities regarding energy generation such as cold fusion which can produce humongous amounts of energy, though different manner than described by Meyer. But still, there’s a great possibility of methods and processed for splitting water to a hydrogen-oxygen mixture in a more efficient way than the regular electrolysis.

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