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Salt Water burning at
4000 degrees.
During the course of his experiments last winter, John Kanzius discovered a way to have salt water catch fire. The subject of his experiments: to cure cancer using radio frequency waves. His inadvertent discovery has led to a now raging debate, for the effect was filmed and uploaded (see below). If water actually burns, what does that mean for the oil dependent nations of the world?

Well, the most obvious uses could be desalinization or the production of energy, for the planet is mostly made of salt water, and it could be potentially unlimited in its supply of energy. The only drawback is that the RF generator could be using more energy than the water produces, and that would therefore make the experiment useless.
Either way, burning salt water is secondary to Kanzius’ true goal of curing cancer.

Being a retiree, Kanzius was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2002, and it inspired him to find a cure. Kanzius used his experience working with radios as his base, for he knew that the frequency could heat up metal, and he therefore hoped to tag the cancerous cells with metal, and “heat them up”. This way, he would be able to burn the cancer cells but leave everything else untouched. Burning water happened to be an accident when a coworker bumped the test tube after heating it up with the frequency emitter.

Kanzius saw a spark, and lighting a match, “the water lit like a propane flame”. When a Penn State University materials scientist came to observe, a simple demo made him believe. He theorizes that the salt in the water weakens the bonds in the molecules, causing the release of hydrogen, and that is what is burning. The RF emitter simply releases the molecules, for once it is turned off, the flame goes out.

Researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center have continued to research the cancer cure, and have had promising results. Their findings were published in the journal Cancer.
The process of burning salt water
Kanzius burned it, here’s how:

1. A generator emits 14-megahertz radio waves.
2. The waves bombard a solution of regular table salt and water.
3. The next step is the problem. Nobody knows yet how the water burns, but it is theorized that the sodium chloride weakens the bent oxygen and hydrogen molecules and release the hydrogen, which is flammable.
4. Light the hydrogen, and it creates a 4000 degree flame.
5. The resulting heat could power a simple engine.

Technology Diagram

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