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On July the first, 1973, the Media announced the invention of Gray’s revolutionary fueles engine which would be soon used in cars. The EMS motor was able to regenerate its own power, depending on electromagnetic principles developed by Gray himself.

It was expected that vehicles running on Gray’s engine would have been in production and available for consumers by the end of 1974. Such engine would have taken the auto industry to a higher level. Obviously none of that happened up to this day, and for a very harsh, yet acceptable reason.

Gray was subjected to obvious harassment for months by the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. This harassment was only the tip of the iceberg. It was only the beginning of a massive-scale campaign to suppress his attempt of any invention that might affect the auto manufacturing industry as established by Detroit's car-making giants.

The Media was told not to publish Gray’s story until the case settles in court. However, these warnings were violated, as it was a public right to know what happened to the technology that would have changed the world dramatically. It then became clear that the D.A.’s office had no intention of reaching a fast verdict in his case. Later on, it was revealed that everything was revealed to the conspiracy to suppress a man’s effort to help mankind.  

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