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Los Angeles Associated Press reported that self-educated inventor, Edwin Gray managed to construct a car motors that doesn’t require any sort of fuel. Hundreds of other invertors backed him up with funding. But, on the other hand, the local authorities charged him with fraud as he was – according to their accusations – fooling investors and making them fund his imaginary project. An energy engineering specialist who saw the prototype said that if this thing worked, it would violate all known laws of physics.

On the other hand, Gray’s supporters believe it’s all the work of auto and power establishments that find his work threatening their interests, which only means that he was really on the right track of developing an outstanding technology. Gray stated that his new motor would replace almost all conventional electric motors in the near future.

Los Angeles County district attorney's office usually described his motor as an electromagnetic motor which uses power from batteries to get it to start, as it runs, it recharges its own batteries in such a manner that would make it seem to run on its own. Thus, these batteries would be rarely manually recharged.

Donald Cronin, a staff scientist at TRW Systems, Inc., who also attended a demonstration of the motor a year before said that if it’s really doing what Gray is clamming then it would violate the know laws of physics.

A group of scientists from one of Japan’s big research firms came to attend a demonstration of Gray’s machine planning to sign a letter of intent with him, but actually packed and left after the test. The reason is that the engine blew just 10 seconds after it started.

Gray enjoyed fantasizing about such an engine since he was 7. He actually shows pried when saying that he’s lacking the scientific background. He was convinced by he technicians that he wouldn’t have made such motor if he did have the technical background, as most scientists would think it’s impossible and won’t even bother trying.

In 1971, Gray started selling shares in his technology and managed to win the trust of around 800 shareholders. But on July 22nd, 1974 investigators from the district attorney's office busted into his shop and office and confiscated the working prototype engine along with plans, blueprints and bookkeeping records. Over the course of 8 months, the DA tried to frame Gray by getting his stockholders to file charges against him but they all refused. Later on he was charged with eight counts of grand theft, one count of conspiracy to commit grand theft and 3 security violations. Most of these charges eventually dropped. Furthermore, by March 1976 he was found guilty of only two security violations and was fined, but was never given back his confiscated properties.

Gray’s attorneys described the 10 months delay caused by the D.A.’s office as harassment. Furthermore, on of the national newspapers accused the D.A.’s office of attempting to suppress a man’s effort to help the humanity.

Investigators thought of them selves as the protectors of these non-professional investors who can’t tell the difference between a highly sophisticated fraud and a real technology research. These investigators were feeling frustrated because of these accusations and attacks.

Deputy D.A. Mitchell Harris reported that Gray was so persuasive that he actually managed to convince two investigators to invest in his work. But, those two investigators actually took their money back later on.

To defend itself, the D.A.’s office clamed that the reason for the delay wasn’t intentional as it was hard to find investors willing to press charges against Gray. The D.A.’s office also said that the investigators were busy with other pressing, causing them to postpone Gray’s investigation.

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